A DAY FOR LEARNING – Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 October 2018)

The Mental Health Foundation has some great ideas for new learning we can embark on to make us feel good and help improve our wellbeing.  These little activities can make you “have another thought” and open your mind to new ideas and interests. Try them…

  • Learn (or share with others) where you are from: your maunga/mountain, awa/river, whenua/land and marae.
  • Share fun and interesting facts about traditional Māori places. Learn the te reo Māori names of mountains and learn the meaning behind them.
  • Awaken yourself to one whakataukī/Māori proverb or waiata/song about nature.
  • Learn the names of New Zealand’s native plants.
  • Learn how the natural environment can help heal you, i.e. rongōa/traditional Māori medicine. What natural resources have you got in your backyard that could be used for medicinal or edible purposes?
  • Create a worm farm in your backyard.
  • Listen and learn the “tangi of the manu” – different calls of birds.
  • Learn what native creatures live in and around your home, workplace and waterways.
  • Learn about different creative stories and the connection between the natural world and people.

For more information go to their site which has many more ways to improve our wellbeing.


gray small bird on green leaves
Photo by daniyal ghanavati on Pexels.com

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