“Firstly it has been fantastic working with you over the past 2 years. I have seen the huge amount of work you have put into the health and safety systems as well as the uplifting and establishment of the current IRT on site. Your influences into the improvement of safety practices on site have exceeded anything I have seen anywhere. This is something you and your team should be very proud of. You have surrounded yourself with very good people and managed to implement a well-structured process to get the job done. Your passion and knowledge of health and safety will hold you in good stead for your next venture.

I wish you all the success for your studies and have no doubt you have a very positive future in health and safety.”

Miles Cutbush, NZ Mines Rescue Service

“I have known Michelle Gillman for a number of years while working together within one of New Zealand’s leading industries. Michelle’s work as Health & Safety manager presented her with many H&S challenges in order to keep this company a leader within industry in this ever changing world of Health & Safety. This requires a skill set, knowledge and industry experience within the health & safety arena that very few senior personnel are fortunate to have. Michelle is extremely thorough, precise with a high level of detail using an analytical approach to each and every task.  Michelle is certainly a professional in her field of expertise and it is for this reason I will not hesitate to contact her in the first instance should I require guidance or advice, therefore I would also highly recommend her to others seeking top level Health & Safety consultancy.”

Shane Baron, Highline Rescue Technology (Owner)

“You don’t get to meet a Health & Safety professional of Michelle’s calibre and devotion very often. It has been an absolute pleasure to have experienced her talent and work ethic as well as being privileged to have had her guidance. Michelle is a great human being who genuinely cares about her work mates and workplace relationships.  I would not think twice in recommending Michelle for any future safety projects.”

Padraic Durham, Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd (Owner)

“It has been a privilege to work with Michelle, the way she has devised and lead the Critical Risk program has been excellent. I appreciate getting buy-in from all parties is difficult however with Michelle’s leadership we were able to make significant progress and produce processes and procedures to greatly reduce operational risks. I am most impressed with how Michelle always showed her leadership abilities through her decisive decisions even when the topic was difficult for some parties.  It has been an honour to work with Michelle and I would jump at the opportunity to work with Michelle again. The dedication and effort she shows to her role is something to be admired and a great example for others.”

Philip Fussell, Pacific Process Ltd 

“I worked alongside Michelle for nearly four years.  She is  exemplary in her conduct and professionalism.  I have worked under her management and direction and I would recommend her for any safety project as she excels in her field.  She is not only willing to go the extra mile, she achieves that…that is just who she is.  Her knowledge of, and understanding, in regards to Health and Safety is quite amazing in my opinion.  She never tires of researching safety practices that she can apply to workplaces to prevent major incidents, and injuries, occurring.  She has helped organisations develop their own systems from scratch, or greatly improved existing systems, always with a focus on reduction of critical risk to safety.”

John Lawrence, H&S Advisor

“Michelle Gillman is highly motivated, skilled and experienced, exceptionable knowledge of legislation and able to adapt this knowledge to suit the audience. Safety integrity is extremely high and if you want someone to just tick a box for generic paperwork then Michelle is not the person for you.  Instead, Michelle is focused on solving real world safety problems by developing prevention strategies to reduce risk. While she is very competent at all levels of safety management she is best at  engaging people with her ideas for improvement and helping them develop solutions.  I wouldn’t hesitate to seek her advice again in the future.”

Karen O’Donoghue, H&S Administrator